The Business Flow Maturity Assessment

Every business is a collection of processes transforming energy into value. Removing obstacles to the flow of energy through your business increases the value the business creates.

The Cavi Flow Maturity Assessment evaluates a business’s current energy flow and identifies ways to improve that flow, ensuring overall company health. The assessment consists of a short questionnaire and analysis. The analysis is based on Cavi’s proprietary Flow Maturity Framework.

After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a report with an overview of your company’s current flow maturity, and high level recommendations for improvement.  What the assessment report will show you is which of the stages of flow maturity your business is currently operating at, and how to harness your business’s energy most effectively in the present, as well as structure your business for increased energy flow in the future. This is useful for any business owner who wants to optimize their business for greater value creation and more efficient processes.