The Cavi Method

Introduction to the Cavi Method of process improvement.

The Process Improvement Landscape

  • The evolution of process improvement as a discipline
  • Lean vs SixSigma vs Cavi Method
  • Process Improvement vs Process Science: the Birth of the Cavi Method
  • “Cavi”: Capture and Visualize

Principles of the Cavi Method

  • The Three Layers of Process
  • Problem Analysis
  • Projects vs Operations

The Process Improvement Cycle

  • Phase 1: Problem Analysis
  • Phase 2: Capture & Visualize
  • Phase 3: Analyze & Design
  • Phase 4: Enable
  • Measurement and Monitoring
  • Process Entitlement and Organic Optimization

Process Improvement Basics

Project Scope

  • Defining Project Scope: How to Start in the Right Place
  • Project Sponsorship and the Project Charter
  • Setting Yourself Up For Success: How to Set Useful Objectives

Process Storytelling

  • Process Storytelling / How to Visualize a Process
  • Process Mapping 101 / The Cavi Mapping Language
  • Process Consulting Skills: Communicating with Stakeholders and Getting Buy-In

Process Optimization Principles

  • Constraints and Blue Sky Thinking: The Role of Imagination in Good Process Design
  • Organic Process Optimization: The Business as an Organism

Understanding Process Elements

  • Defining the Transaction Lifecycle in Your Processes
  • Function-based Thinking for Better Process Design
  • Automation and Decision Making

Process-Driven Data Management

  • Measuring Performance with Data: Performance Management vs Audit
  • MECE / Structuring Your Information Effectively
  • Process-Informed Data Management