The Book

Becoming A Conscious Business: Expand Your Life & Work Through the Science of Energy Flow was released in paperback and Kindle editions in June 2018.

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Authored by process scientist Samuel P. Chin, the book describes a personal journey of study and enlightenment which led the author to a new paradigm for business: the discipline of process science.

Process science is the study of the universal truths of energy flow and human consciousness, and the application of this knowledge to life and business. It sits at the intersection of science and spirituality. The unconventional but simple framework for process optimization outlined in this book will revolutionize the way you live and work.

What readers are saying:

“Sam uses his own personal journey in the work-world to identify patterns I see in mine.”

“A well-constructed, systematic explanation of the flow of energy through nature, humans and finally businesses. …Whether for personal or professional insight, this book provides valuable and applicable content.”

“Sam has a unique way of tying together disparate scientific principles and analyzing their common threads. Though his background enables him to connect with an expert audience, the true gift is being able to engage anyone, regardless of prior scientific knowledge or understanding.”

“[With this book,] Sam goes the extra mile to not only diagnose issues with my company’s workflow but offer paradigm shifting prescriptions for addressing them.”